Mermaid Sighting: This Sighting is Definitely a Sweet Treat!

Everyone at Mermaid Cottages loves seeing new mermaid sightings as they come in, and this sighting is a special treat…literally! This mermaid is made completely out of chocolate! Here’s what her creator had to share:

“I’ve stayed at the Mermaid cottage before in the past, and LOVED it.  Sadly, I can’t make it to Tybee Island this year, so I’m doing my best to bring the mermaids to me!  Here is my latest creation, my “Chocolate” mermaid.  The one pictured is Pearl, but we plan to add a Diane!” ~Marina and Aqua

Pearl is definitely too pretty to eat!

Marina, you are one truly talented lady. Thank you so much for sharing! Pearl is absolutely fabulous!

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