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Tybee Sea Turtles: Can Ya Dig It?

Tybee Sea Turtles are breaking records this year!  Can ya dig it?

Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee supports Tybee Sea Turtle Conservation

Our sea turtle mommies have been hard at work this year and so have our volunteer Turtle Spotters and Nest Sitters.

“Busy turtle night last night… Nests 3 & 4 began hatching, and we have a new nest on the island!  Nest 18 was relocated to 19th street in the dune area around the bend from the hotels/condos.” – Tybee Sea Turtle Project

It looks like Tybee Island may have as many as twenty nests this year.  Each nest contains up to 100 eggs, so if you’re visiting with us there’s a good chance you may see hatchings making their way to the sea!

Here are some Tybee Turtle Tips to make the most of this special experience:

* LIKE the Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook page so you can get the latest nesting information.

* At the end of the day on the beach, please always remove your belongings and trash from the beach, fill in any holes, and knock down                   any sand castles.  One small way to help the sea turtles on Tybee Island!

* Check for scheduled nest excavations and remember only red-filtered flashlights are allowed and no flash photography that may disorient the hatchlings.

* Please remember, when a nest is excavated there is no guarantee you will see eggs or hatchlings.

* Most importantly, please never interfere with a sea turtle that is nesting or one that appears ill or injured or with hatchlings.  If you come across a sea turtle that seems to be in some type of distress, please contact the Tybee Sea Turtle Project or a Tybee beach official immediately.

You can always support sea turtle conservation on Tybee Island and around the world each time you visit Mermaid Cottages.  Proceeds from  our Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee is how we make a difference and your support is always appreciated.  Also, it’s mighty fine coffee, too!  Get yours at Seaside Sisters while you’re here and take some home when you leave!

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