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Race To The Sea

There’s a race to the sea going on this week and you can come out and cheer!

Sea Turtles in Tybee Island

Since we had two nests hatch in one night, we will have two excavations in one night, this Friday, July 27.  They will be happening AT THE SAME TIME at 8:15pm  in two very different locations!  Turtle Tammy and Tybee Sea Turtle Project advise they must do this to make sure they can release any possible live hatchlings at dark.

Please choose which one you want to attend.  Nest 3 is located just North of the 11th Street crossover (same as Nest 1, for those of you who were there), and Nest 4 is located far South of the N. Beach Parking Lot.

Same rules apply at both locations:

* Red filtered flashlights only!

* No flash photography!

It’s a race to the sea!  Come on out and help us cheer our sea turtle hatchlings!  And, pick up some Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee to help sponsor sea turtle conservation in Tybee Island and around the world!


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