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July 2012

Counting Turtles and Saying Thanks!

Tybee Island Sea Turtles, Mermaid Morning Bliss CoffeeHere’s the latest update from Turtle Tammy!

“We are on a roll. Nest #13 was found this morning. Katie found the track. Some folks witnessed the turtle nesting and left a message at the science center. It was relocated to the dunes just south of 7th Street, 120 eggs. We are one away from our record, I expect to exceed the record, of 14, by next week, maybe even this weekend. There were four other false crawls this morning found by Katie and Kevin, but only that one nest.Mermaids Make A Difference, Mermaid Morning Bliss

I gave an interview today, with WSAV. The interview was in regards to the photo that shows four guys with a loggerhead. This occurred on Pine Island, off Wassaw Island. The guys felt the turtle was stuck and decided to help her to the water. Although it is possible for a turtle to get stuck it is rare. In the interview,  I made sure to tell people that if they encounter a turtle, to call the 1-800-save-me phone number. That way someone from DNR could respond and make sure the turtle is okay or needs to be rehabilitated. A stranded turtle could mean the turtle is sick, injured or incapacitated is some way. Hopefully the turtle is just fine.”

Woo hoo!  Isn’t this exciting?  You bet!  But, please remember to always call if you think you see a sea turtle in distress.  The number again is 1-800-save-me.  Be sure to stop by Seaside Sisters and get your Mermaid Morning Bliss coffee.  It looks like we’ll have a lot of sea turtles to support!

The Mermaids of Tybee Island

Diane Kaufman air the Mermaid Cottages gathering

I recently attended a gathering of the Mermaids at Bohemian Cottage.  Here are a few shots I took of the Mermaid Cottages team and Diane.

There was a master class of towel and sheet folding by housekeeping and a dessert contest.

There is one shot of a mermaid that inspired this blog post.  I’ve been accused of dressing for my rooms in the past.  As an interior designer you get in the groove with color and pattern, it just happens.  Notice the zebra stripes.


Towel folding master class
General Judy with Marilou and Melissa
Kathy’s Tutorial / How to make a bed 101
Bobby / Mr. Fix It
Toni, Jill and Theresa
Desserts waiting to be judged.
Mermaid Style

Everything’s Coming Up Sea Turtles

Hey, y’all!  Everything’s coming up sea turtles!  Turtle Tammy has great news.

“Nest #12 was found this morning. The turtle was still on the beach witnessed by Kevin and Danny (sea turtle nesting volunteers). Danny took pictures and was able to read the tag. I will find out where this turtle was tagged and get that information out soon. The nest was relocated to a higher spot. It is north of the East Gate (Sugar Shack) crossover.

 I am thinking we will have 14 by the weekend.”

Thanks to Turtle Tammy and all of the volunteers.  Everything’s coming up sea turtles on Tybee and we’re so proud!

4th of July Tybee Beach Clean up bright and early!

Hope to see everyone on the Beach  early on the 4th of July!  We’re having a record sea turtle nest season on Tybee-  just found Nest #11 this week and we need to keep our beaches as clean as possible so those amazing sea creatures will come ashore and nest.

Join  The Tybee Beautification Association  July 4th from 6:30AM- 9AM as they work with Tybee locals and vistors to clean up the beach after the thousands who are joining us tonight for the Beach fireworks.

All Volunteers should meet at the Tybee Pavilion for information and supplies.  Water and snacks will be provided.  Come Show your patriotism in this unique Tybee way!


Island Girls

Mermaid Sightings on Tybee IslandTeam Two For The Road, beauty judges for the Rand McNally and USA Today’s Most Beautiful Small Town/Best of the Road, was welcomed onto Tybee Island last week. Front and center were Mermaid Denise and Mermaid Jan, two of our favorite island girls!  In fact, that’s Jan and Denise front and center in this photo and Jan’s photo was featured in the print version of Savannah Morning News!

Dusty and Nikki Green of Two For The Road spent a couple of days enjoying our island life and they’ll present their findings to the judging committee.  The winner of the Most Beautiful Small Town will be announced July 15 and will also be featured on The Travel Channel on July 25.  Tybee Island is used to being recognized as a great place to visit and this latest nomination has made everyone very proud. …