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Tybee Beach Trips with Toddlers

Baby on Tybee BeachHave you ever been to the beach with little ones? Trips to the beach with toddlers can have more than their share of adventures.

Tybee is such a great place for the whole family to enjoy.  However, with a few tried and true tips, your beach trip can be more pleasant than ever!


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GO EARLY: Lifeguards are out as early as 8:30am on most days especially weekends. Plus, toddlers are at their best right after breakfast with plenty of time before the napping yawns begin.  Also, the heat is at it’s lowest and will keep them from getting over heated before lunch!

Baby in Tybee Tidal pool

18th Street:  There are many entrances to the beach.  If you are going with very small children, 18th Street is the place for you.  It’s location includes bathrooms right next to its boardwalk, a lifeguard station right at the beginning of the soft sand, and almost always, a tidal pool. Tidal pools are great for the very small kids, the first timers and the boundary challengers. No worries about waves taking the toys back with them to the ocean!

daddynmeNecessities: Swim Diapers are great even if you are in the middle of potty training. However, don’t put them on until you get to the parking lot. It occupies them while the others are bringing everything else is being brought to the chosen beach spot.  Also, it beats changing the swim diaper again once at the beach. If you have boys especially, this helps with girls too, when putting their swim diaper on, douse them in baby powder down there.  This will aid in preventing chafing.  Also, use the aerosol spray sunscreen for babies even if they’re older, it won’t hurt their eyes. And don’t forget those wipes!

IMG_4846Food & Beverage: The night before, grab as many water bottles as you can, fill them half way, and place them on their side in the freezer.  In the morning, pour water in the bottles, as you will have the bottle empty, and wallah!; instant ice water that will last longer.  Most importantly, everyone will stay hydrated, especially your toddler.  Clean water also comes in handy for the occasional sand taster! Remember those plastic wipe containers that usually get thrown out? Well save them for the beach.  For each child, place their packed lunch/snacks separate wipe containers. This will lessen the amount of sand eating with their food because you won’t have to put their lunch on a towel or blanket. Hats are almost the hardest things to keep on a toddler, but try mom and/or dad wearing one before implementing it with the kids. Every day is different, but most times it works if everyone else is wearing a hat.

DSC_7358End Game: Before disturbing playtime, have another responsible party start packing and putting everything back in the car except for what’s being used by the kids.  Rinse off in the tidal pools as best as you can and then begin your venture of leaving the beach.  When you get back to the parking lot, right of the board walk is shower head for the young ones and/or feet. However, take advantage of this.  Strip them down and wash them down. A great thing to bring is a separate bag that stays in the car until the end with hair and body wash in one, diaper/undies for each child, and easy on and off change of clothes for the kids. They will sleep better with their nap and will be ready to go out for dinner when they wake up. Kids automatically ready equals success for mom and/or dad.

Enjoy a day at the beach with your toddler with the tips for a Tybee beach success!



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