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Summer Engagement on Tybee Island

Jimmy and Makenzie-summer engagement on tybee island

Love is in the air! Have you planned a summer engagement on Tybee Island? Mermaid Cottages Guest, Jimmy Corum sure did!





Happy Birthday Jimmy!
Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Love birds, Makenzie Standifer and Jimmy Corum have been dating for 4 years and after discovering Tybee Island last summer for Jimmy’s birthday celebration vacation, they decided to make it an annual tradition. They knew Mermaid Cottages would be the perfect place to book their vacation with. Little did Mackenzie know, Jimmy had his own surprised cooked up this year! After arriving to their cottage, Castaway, for the week, Jimmy was so thrilled by all the decorations prepared for his entrance by the mermaids. Happy 31st Birthday Jimmy!

Birthday Banner- summer engagement on tybee islandThe couple brought their friends to join their newly found vacation spot this summer. They were so excited to come even though Makenzie hadn’t figured out why. So, the next day, their friends joined them in the living room, (now Mackenzie knows why).

Larry, Cindy, Makenzie, Jimmy, Earl, Jennifer, Kevin
Larry, Cindy, Makenzie, Jimmy, Earl, Jennifer, Kevin

Makenzie and Jimmy-summer engagement on tybee island

“It was our first full day at Tybee, and it was just after we all woke up and had breakfast.. I had ran to the grocery store, and when I came back he had it planned for someone to spill something on the tile (they know a mess will get my attention and I will clean it up)… as I cleaned it up another friend said “What is Jimmy doing?!” so I stood up and there he was on a knee…. All he said was “Can I keep you forever?” He made sure that we had it on video, and had lots of pictures… We spent that entire week together and came back closer than we’ve ever been. Every day we would wake up and look at the ring in awe:)”

Putting that gorgeous ring on!
Putting that gorgeous ring on!

Makenzie and Jimmy are so excited to be engaged and are expected to exchange wedding vows December 2015. Congrats to this amazing couple on their engagement. We also thank them for choosing Mermaid Cottages as their home away from home.

Sitting on the porch at Castaway
Sitting on the porch at Castaway Cottage
Makenzie and Jimmy Standing Outside of Castaway Cottage
Makenzie and Jimmy Outside of Castaway Cottage

Make Tybee Island your engagement destination where romance is always in the air and you can never get too close to your loved one.  “Rent a bike and ride everywhere. We love the North end of the island.  We discover something new every time we come.”, said Makenzie.

Mermaid Cottages is always available to assist you in planning your vacation. Makenzie says, “The Mermaid Cottages team was so personable and makes you feel like your vacation is just as important to them as it is to you! They really give you that extra special attention and care that makes renting with them worth it every time!

 To view the cottage Makenzie and Jimmy stayed in, please click here!

Castaway Cottage
Castaway Cottage

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