The Perfect Cottage Chandelier

She shimmers and glows with rainbows of color. Venetian glass from Italy blown into fruits and flowers glass jewels – sea foam green, ocean blue, the palest purple. This incredible chandelier conjures intimacy, emits warmth, beckons to come upstairs to the ultimate guest room. She was created in Venice, but found at the mecca for home decor ABC Carpet and Home ( in the Delray Beach , Florida outpost. The annual storewide sale happened in December 2007 but she couldn’t come to her new home until the Florida trip that was built all around bringing her back in Jan 2008. She sat on the dining room table for 2 months wrapped in miles of bubble wrap. Finally the tower that was built especially for her was complete and she was hung to show off her full glory! Mermaid Manor has her crown and the chandelier has her forever home. All is good in the world!