Ideal Bite : tips for a greener lifestyle!

There is a wonderful daily website you can sign up for to receive “green living” tips on how to enhanace your life and help our earth. Today’s tip involoves keeping our dogs and cats clean and flea free! Enjoy- and if you’d like to sign up for your own daily tidbits go to for more details.
Today’s Tips from their website:
Does your pet smell like absolute scum?
The BiteThat’s ruff. But no need to lie, cheat, or steal to clean ’em up; instead, just tame your best-loved brutes with organic shampoos, breath-fresheners, and flea-fighters.
The Benefits
· Keeping ne’er-do-well creepy-crawlies crawling elsewhere. Natural but effective treatments keep fleas and other pests at bay.
· Putting health fur-st. Many conventional pet cleaning products use pyrethroids, known brain toxins.
· More pet-table coats. Most commercial cleansers contain more than 50% ethyl alcohol, which dries out Fido’s skin.
Personally SpeakingJen’s cat Froggy is so into getting brushed that Jen once accidentally brushed him ’til he was completely naked on his right shoulder blade.
Wanna Try?
· Cyber Canine Herbal Ear Cleaning Blend – clear ear goo with natural oils such as chamomile and goldenseal ($15/1 ounce).
· Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy – use its nontox minerals on your pet, on the carpet, or in your yard to get rid of fleas ($15/8 ounces).
· Cloud Star Buddy Wash – rub-a-dub-dub, all natural suds that smell like lavender ($10/19 ounces).
· Bowser Breath Herbal Breath Drops – just a few drops of this fennel, parsley, and peppermint formula knocks out dog breath ($5/.5 ounces).
· Evercare Magik Brush – lint-roller that removes fur from your duds – and you dont have to replace the lint tape all the freakin’ time ($3).
This tip submitted by Kristen Weinholtz.