Love at 52 1/2 years of age….

This is my Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw style blog entry. ( and for those of you who haven’t gone to see the movie yet- what are you waiting for! ) My friend Ann George and I have known each other since literally the day we were born. Our mom’s were in the same hospital and Annie was born either the 4th, 5th, or 7th of October and I was born either the 8th , 9th, or 10th– neither of can quite remember each other birthdate, but we know we were born a few days apart. Our parents were school teachers in Maryland and they knew each other, Ann and I re connected in High School, also went to the University of Maryland, but then lost track until I ran into her a few years ago in the Delta Crown Room in the Atlanta Airport. And fortunately have stayed in close contact ever since. We’ve vacationed together, had great times together, cried together and just been around for each other as much as our lives and schedules allowed.

Ann has never been married. She’s had some good boyfriends, zillions of guy friends and many, many dates- some of which are stories that make your laugh till your stomach hurts. She threatens to write a book about some time. And you will want to read this book!

But now in the second half of her life and after dating and dating, Ann has found a great love AND they’re getting married this fall! This is the happy ending that every single girl of a certain age ( or maybe just every single girl) waits to hear about. The Urban Legend/ Myth that you heard about a friend of your sister’s cousin – but this time it’s someone you actually know!

Fred is- in the words of my sister- The Tim Russert in Ann’s life. He’s just a very good man. He’s an adult. He’s committed to Ann, loves Ann, wants to take care of her ( and will allow her to take care of him) and wants to be there and grow old together. He’s been through great loss in his life and understands how rare and truly special a woman like Ann is and wants to cherish and love her above all others…

I share this ( with Ann and Fred’s permission ) because I want everyone to know that great adult love truly is possible. Here is the best Fred story that when Ann shared this, we knew he was the one and deserved all the joy Ann will bring to his life. Ann broke her ankle last year and really was in a bad way. Her annual family trip involves going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Fred knew how important this was to Ann and volunteered to drive Ann ( who was in a wheelchair) her Mom ( who has alzheimer’s and really didn’t know where she was) , Ann’s golden retriever , Annie ( who can be very skittish and bark, snap and growl) in a rented mini van from Annapolis to the Outer Banks…. a good solid 8 hour drive. And did so with great humor and safe driving! Now this man is the man we all want by our side when the times get tough!

Congratulations Ann and Fred!!! We’re very, very happy for you both!