48 Hours until Johnny Depp’s Wedding….

The rumors are flying all over , when and where is the big wedding…. is it true or is it not true…. is it on the beach, is it at John Mellancamp’s Officier’s Row home, is it at Sandra Bullock’s beach compound…. is it at Doc’s Bar with Miss Sylvia playing with the band? Our very own Stephen Palmer of Tybee Island Wedding http://www.tybeeislandwedding.com/ was interviewed last night on our local TV station and as usual is extremely professional and will never share any of his client’s wedding plans- be they a movie star or a Savannah local…. watch the tv clip to see what he does (or doesn’t say…..) http://www.wjcl.com/ and look at the video! No matter, we wish our pirate friend a long and happy married life!