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Ralphael the Magnificent Flying Turtle Un Veiling

One of our most unique artists on the island, Ralph Douglas Jones, is hard at work on his newest creation, a life size sea turtle . Ralphael the Magnificent is made of antique cooper pieces from roofs, downspouts and other found pieces of cooper material. Douglas is very well known in art circles for creating art from anything he can find. He’s best know for his fish- fish made from old muscial instruments, water skies, pieces of board- you name it!
His wonderful open air gallery is located right beside SeaSide Sisters Coastal Cottage shop on Highway 80 when you first come on the island.

The un veiling and welcome to the world party for Ralphael will be held Friday August 8th, 2008 from 5PM- 8PM at his Gallery. The actual un veiling will be at 6PM. Popcycles will be served! You’ll be home in time for the Opening Ceremonies for the Summer Olympics which starts right at 8PM on NBC. ( 08-08-2008 this was intentional, in the Chinese Cultural, the number 8 is a very lucky number!)

Check back with us- we’ll have pictures of Ralphael on the blog very soon! http://www.fisharttybee.com/ or call Douglas @ 912 713 8647 for more details.

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