Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Thursday on the Island

A typical day on our little coastal sea island:

  • Squirty the loggerhead sea turtle was released on the beach with hundreds of people cheering him on. Squirty said goodbye to the land and hello to the sea and went right to the ocean and swam off to enjoy the rest of his life as the wild sea creature that he is…. The Burton 4H Center will be receiving another baby turtle in the near future to raise and help educate the 100’s of children who attend the camp. We’ll be posting pictures of the release soon on this blog.
  • Fiddler Crabs at Fiddler on the Creek Cottage! I needed to stop by the cottage and went out to the dock and deck to admire the incredible beauty of the salt marsh. There all over the deck flooring were Fiddler Crabs! It was low tide and the little guys were all over the marsh mud and crawled up the dock. So much fun to see!
  • Storm clouds- summer storms are here, big black clouds rolling in and much needed rain fell on the island. Hot, hot, hot all week, the temputure hit 100 and with the heat index, over 105…..
  • Met with some of our exceptional City of Tybee team- we’re working on the grand opening for the Tybee Bark Parks ( new names for our dog parks) and Bryan and Chantell shared with me some of the other very exciting plans for the City….. I will DEFINETLY be sharing the updates with everyone soon as more details are firmed up. Be assured that the city officals are working hard to make this community the best she can be!
  • Helped out at Sea Side Sisters Coastal Cottage shop today. The shop looks better then ever and is still filled with wonderful beachy treats for yourself or your home.
  • And- countdown to the Summer Olympics! Tommorrow night is the opening ceremony! One of the true high lights of my life was attending with my family the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. We had nose bled seats but it truly did not matter. I’ll never forget that evening as long as I live!
  • See everyone tommorrow at Douglas unveiling of Rhapel the Magnificient Sea Turtle!

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