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Our Guests with special talents

Well, I bet this is a conversation most of you don’t have every day. I love talking to our guests, be they future guests or repeat guests coming back to enjoy our island over and over again. I’ve purposely set up my vacation rental business so I have a terrific trio of ladies, Mary Lou, Teresa and Judy who handle all the daily housekeeping and operations ( along with the great help of our handy men David and Chris) and I have Peachy Keen Gary who handles all the book keeping and payment processing. Which allows me to do what I love the most, helping our guests find the perfect cottage and home for their visit. And Blog.



I ‘d been emailing with a very nice lady from Indiana ( we have a tremendous number of visitors from the midwest and we love it!) Kathy wanted to rent a pet friendly cottage with lots of quirky character and as we were discussing the right place, she shared that her pets were two well trained ferrets named Wendel and Bandit. Pets are pets to me and as long as they’re well behaved , I don’t mind any of them. Then Kathy and I started talking some more, seems that she found me when she googled haunted travels in Savannah, GA and Mermaid Cottages popped up as a place for pet friendly accomodations. Seems that Kathy and her husband spend their vacations traveling to places to experience ghosts and haunted places. They have their own website about their work and passion – visit http://www.ourhauntedtravels.com/ Not sure if any of our cottages are haunted, but since they are pet friendly, they fit the bill for Kathy!


Best of all and even better, when Kathy travels, she is happy to share her talent.


In her own words : “let me know please if there is anything haunted in Tybee …. If you know anyone having a problem with a spirit if they are interested we maybe able to help. Our service is free.
thank a lot, Kathy and John Sullivan”


So… Kathy and John will be here this fall and if any of my readers in the Tybee, Savannah area have a need for their free services, just email Kathy thru her website!

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