Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

My Great Blue Heron Encounter @ Fiddler on the Creek


WOW! While going about doing my business yesterday of checking our various cottages before our guests arrived, I went out to the covered dock house at Fiddler on the Creek. The sheer beauty of this little cottage and dock house always stops me in my tracks, no matter how busy the day is. The tide was low, the Fiddler Crabs were out in full force ( hence the name!) , the oysters were clacking ( if you’ve never been quiet enough to hear the clacking of oyster shells at low tide, the sound is a popping sound. You can hear this sound at Tybee Tides, Marsh Mermaid, Doodlebug Cottage and of course Fiddler on the Creek) . I heard a rustle in the marsh grass and then a juvenile great blue heron took off! She was magnificent and made her croaking bird sound as she flew away, obviously upset that that I was enjoying the marsh while she was eating!
The picture above is what I saw and the porch shots are the pictures taken by world class photographer, Richard Leo Johnson during his summer visit of the screened porch and dock house at Fiddler.
Such a gift I was given with seeing this bird yesterday!

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