Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Fairy Tales do come true.

It’s true. Girls and Guys- mark your calendar…. I was witness to the event on Saturday November 8th, 2008. The urban myth of the beautiful princess being found by her knight in shining armour and then they riding off in the sunset to a life of happiness really is true.
Ann George and Fred Suman wed in a beautiful chapel built in the 1770’s by a priest who’s been a friend for decades, surrounded by the friends and family who love them both and all were crying with true happiness. No one deserved this more then Ann and Fred. These are my friends who I blogged about earlier this year under the title ” Love at 52 1/2″ and received so many comments and calls from all of you!

Ann has waited- sometimes not so patiently- for what we all wait for- a man who loves us for exactly who and what we are at this point in our life. Not wishing for someone different or to change the person or the circumstances to be better but wanting to be with a person who is ready and looking forward to be your partner and best friend and happy to love you.. In other words, an adult… Fred has faced great loss in his life and understands happiness is something you need to go for and when you find it, embrace and hold on to with both hands.
I’ve been to many, many weddings in my life but truly don’t think I’ve ever seen two such happy people and just as important their families! Fred’s son’s and Kathy, Ann’s sister gave such remarkable true genuine toasts that you know this will be a blending of families who look forward to many, many years of happiness together.

Ann and Fred, the universe wishes you all the absolute best in life. You’ve proven that those knights do show up- even if they’re wearing black and white golf shoes!

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