Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

We’re not getting older we’re getting better here on Tybee

Last year The Today Show, http://www.thetodayshow.com/ featured Tybee Island as one of the 5 best places to retire in the entire country. Here area couple of examples of what our local “retirees” have been up to to prove the point about great retirements!

Two of our mermaids , Mary Lou and Joyce, just got back from a 3 week long road trip to Texas. They meandered all over the South West visiting friends and family . This is a picture of them and in Joyce’s own words in an email from the road……
“Just to let you know,rode the wheels off the car and picked up this little number from a cowboy outside of Luchenbach, Tx. Gives us plenty of room to pick up………….whatever!!!! Don’t even ask who we got to take the picture!. More to follow. Moomie & Joyce”

And in other Tybee News- Miss Sylvia will be turning 100 in Feb 2009. Doc’s Bar is already starting to get ready- here’s the event they are planning for Wednesday night!


Wednesday Night November 18th, 2008
We are celebrating Ms. Sylvia’s I am almost 100 birthday with ……

The Sylvia Gott Orchestra
Featuring Ms. Sylvia on Drums
Dance Music From The 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s and the near future
The Dancing Starts At 7:00 PM
Formal or, Tybee Formal Attire Requested
Bring Your Cameras
It Doesn’t Get Any Better Then This
It’s Magic Time At Doc’s Supper Club By The Sea”

Just goes to show you- you’re never too old to have adventures in life- be it a road trip or recreating the girl band you formed back in the 1930’s with your Tybee friends who are a good 40 years younger then you!

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