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Miss Sylvia’s 99 1/2 Birthday Party at Docs

I truly am starting to think that you don’t need a MBA from Wharton or years in Corporate America to market something sucessfully – all you need is passion about a product you believe in very, very strongly. The owners of Doc’s Bar love their bar. Weekly they keep coming up with really fun ways to entertain themselves, their locals and any un suspecting visitors who happen to wander in- day or evening. Their marketing is really smart and clever. Look at what they did this week….
Miss Sylvia’s turned 99 1/2 this past week and Doc’s hosted a party bringing together the local musicans and Miss Sylvia herself on the drums. Take a few minutes and click on the link below to watch some of the fun. And if you’re smart, in exactly 6 months you’ll be here on Tybee celebrating her 100th Birthday- where else but Doc’s!!!
Here’s what they said on their website:
. “If you missed it we are sorry. It was a great night. The mayor stopped by and everyone danced and sang along with The Queen. If you have pictures please send them to us and we will get them up on the web. Follow this link to the videos.”

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