Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

My last day in SoBe and it’s a winner!








7AM Yoga on the beach…. sure sounded like a good idea until that alarm goes off bright and early. Just like the days of raising Katie, I have to make sure the dogs are walked and fed, get myself dressed and then walk-quickly- the 5 blocks to the beach to meet Susan for Yoga. All before the sun has risen. I need to remember to tell my friends still raising children how much I admire how hard they work…. However once there- paradise! The sun is rising over the ocean right in front of us, there is a cool breeze blowing, the ocean is sparkling, the beach is wide and clean, we’re right in front of those really cool art deco brightly painted lifeguard stations. The Yoga teacher varies each morning and most of the class is extremely experienced, however in true yoga form, the teacher never makes us less experienced people feel bad, she came around and helped all of us improve our form. Boy did it feel good!!! After a hour of yoga and stretching, Susan and I head off to meet her husband and his brother for breakfast at the News Cafe right on Ocean Drive in the art of the Art Deco Section. http://www.newscafe.com/ This is the place where Gianni Versace eat breakfast every day when he was in South Beach before he was murdered…. Lovely meal, interesting conversation and then off to the day! 

I walked 12 blocks down to Lincoln Road to become newly blond at “Some like it Hot”/Browne and Company , then walked back down Washington Ave to my little vacation home. Lunch was a new find- a little streetside cafe called the Half Moon which only serves empanadas which are little pies full meat or chicken or veggies- all sorts of yummy things. A great lunch for $1.99 plus tax! Then off to Tootsie’s for my annual new pair of havainas. These are the world’s best flip flops, made in Brazil. This little pedicure place started to sell these and they are the place in Miami Beach where people come and buy dozens of pairs. For $22.00 a pair, they are a fashion statement. When I was there, there was a lady from South Africa literally buying 12 pairs, a couple from Costa Rica buying 4 or 5 pairs and people just coming in and out. Just amazing!!! http://www.havaianas.com/ is their official website.
Then off to my friend Karyn’s condo which was built in 1958 by Morris Lapidus the architect of so many Miami Beach landmarks including the Fountainbleu ( which has just been completely restored to it’s original glory ( and includes an adult only European pool…). Karyn’s condo overlooks Biscayne Bay and looks over to downtown Miami. What a glorious site day or night! We’re here making potato latkes for her company’s holiday party tom morrow night…. 10 lbs worth! By hand! I just read Martha Stewart’s Blog and she was lucky enough to attend the grand re opening of the Fountainbleau and also blogged about the increidble work of Morris Lapidus. He truly changed the face of the look of Miami Beach.
Back to reality ( if you can call Tybee Island reality!) It’s been a week plus of great adventures!

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