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A note from Sam

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with friends, some life long, some brand new. Sam, Donna’s dad joined us . Sam is in his 80’s and lives in a Shriner’s Home in Richmond, VA. We loved having him with us and and on this Christmas Eve, I’d like to share his thank you note to all of us to remind us what’s really, really important in life. The picture is of Donna and Sam in front of the beautiful Whalehead Home in Corolla.

“Dear Ladies and Fred:

Food I brought home: There was too much and variety to name all of it.
Tonight is Sunday and I have yet to go through one wing, all the dressing, and I have some kind of square things in the freezer that I’ll have to play by ear as to what they are. Looks like desert to me. Each leg was a lunch by itself. It provided me with a lot of lunches. I have really ate for two weeks now. None wasted.

Donna and I hit rain and some fog all the way back Sunday. We just took
our time. It was on and off not too much serious rain or fog. The fog
was over as we got out of the obx. We were not able to have the view coming across the bridge. However, we did have a good trip down and back
and enjoyed each others company.

Words can not express my thanks to all for reinviting me down this year.
I am indeed a lucky guy to have you all as my friends. I hope I get recycled again next year. I had a good time enjoying every ones company and social. Also, I enjoyed helping out where I could without getting into trouble!!!!!! No competition for a trash mans job!!!! A tremendous week as Donna puts it, no service, schedule, or boss. [I added in the
boss]. However, I did have ask what the meal schedule was though. ha
ha… I have never been in such a relaxing setting as the obx is.
Time moved right along. And of course my buddy Annie who kept me company while walking. A great pet. Also, the pool and facility was great too.

Again, thank you all for the invitation. In particular I enjoyed the social. Without the social/people you have nothing. I enjoyed each and
everyone of your company. Friends & social are very important. And we
did not even have a fight…ha ha… Everything worked out great. Life is good.

I did not have your all e mail addresses so I have arranged through Donna to do a fwd for me. Thanks again to all.

Happy Holidays to all. With love and good times…

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