Byers Street Beach Cross Over

This is the brand new cross over the City Of Tybee just completed. GREAT timing since the crossover is literally a 5 minute walk from Wren’s Nest Vacation Apartment! ( Even better news for those of you still looking to come to Tybee and stay with us- another pet friendly Mermaid Cottage to stay in!!) A crossover is constructed to allow people to get to the beach while not disturbing any of the natural vegetation and even wildlife that live around the dunes. Bunnies, lizards , birds etc all live around the beach. The Cross over starts right at the corner of Byers Street on the North End of the island and leads directly to the beach.

The North Beach is very different then the main beach, it’s a less populated beach- really can only get there if you have a home or place to stay on the North End, or have a bike or electric car. The beach looks right on the Savannah River which means you can see Cockspur Lighthouse to the left and the all the pilot boats and of course the massive cargo ships coming in and out. The cargo ships are just like what was captured by the Pirates off the coast of Africa. In fact many of the ships are heading off to those dangerous waters!

The North Beach is also where you can usually find shark’s teeth! Enjoy the pictures and even better , ride your beach over and enjoy the crossover.