Rain Rain go away

We’ve had rain now for the entire week. The rain is moving up the coast and has stopped on Tybee for a few days ( can you blame it? Great place to hang out for a few days!) This has been a very hard loud rain and water we’ll be grateful for later this summer. I only wish I had my rain barrel in place to have been collecting all this great water! Next week I’ll have two in place and will share the pictures.

The dogs wish they could be sitting out in the yard watching birds, people and bike riders. Instead they are stuck on “their” sofa looking out the window wishfully at that pouring rain.
At night the frogs arrive and start their croaking. We have a virtual pond at my neighbors home next door and the frog noise is so loud you can hear it over the TV!!! Rain again today but we’re about to sneak out between showers for a quick walk.