Geckos, Frogs and Birds Oh My!



Who knew my cottage was a wildlife preserve! In between the rain drops this past week, I’ve had a chance to observe wildlife in action, literally just outside my front door!


David, our cottage handyman and retired editor from the AJC ( Atlanta’s newspaper) pointed out to me I have a very large nest in the palm tree outside my door with some sort of large bird and her 6 babies. This is not a small bird- this is some sort of wood stork or other large water bird. No chance of this nest blowing out of the tree- it looks like it’s made from large sticks! I tried to get a picture of the mom and babies, but I couldn’t quite get them to pose.


Then on the rail on my front porch area I saw two green geckos doing what I thought was the mating dance. Both their pouches beneath their neck became big and red, but then one lurched and grabbed the other’s head and looked like he was trying to eat the other!! I was so startled I yelled at them to stop which scared them both and one ran away. I think it was a fight and I saved the little guy’s life!


But the loudest and funniest wildlife visitors are the frogs. My next door neighbor has a large pond in their front yard as a direct result of all this rain. Whenever this happens we have a large group of big fat squishy frogs who have this deep throated croaking which sounds like ducks! The noise is so loud that inside even with the TV on, you can hear them over honking and croaking over and over!


Just more pleasures of living on a barrier sea island- no matter how well populated we are , the wild life finds a way to shine through!