We’ve had crazy winds all week. Lots of rain ( which I actually love because it helps our flowers grow so beautifully) but with the rain has come winds which make it feel like the fall and winter. I’ve been walking the dogs like I usually do and started to know an interesting phenomena– birds nests are being blown out of the trees!



I love nests. I love the concept of “nesting” as in being so happy in your own home ( nest) that you don’t ever want to leave. If I hadn’t named my own cottage Mermaid Manor I would have found a name that included the word nest. I actually just helped name one of our soon to be Mermaid Cottages which I’ve been sharing the process with you- Wrenn’s Nest ( more pictures and details to follow soon!)
This week while walking the dogs I’ve brought home 4 bird nests- all empty – and they now help decorate my home. There are little birds flying everywhere on the island and singing as well- it’s quite musical when you walk outside!


Enjoy my newest collection!