Another Amazing Artist @ Seaside Sisters

The Magic of Seaside Sisters Coastal Cottage Shop is you never know what’s going to be there. There is such a wide variety of treasures, you really have to poke all around the shop to see what’s there!

We have yet another incredibly talented artist showing her original art at Seaside Sisters. Jill Feree specializes in children, marsh scenes and the beach – she’s starting an entire new series on the Surfers of Tybee Island. This beautiful little girl is a pastel and framed in a vintage frame, it’s hard to see all the gorgous colors and how the dress shimmers. Just beautiful! Be sure to stop by the shop and see this picture!

Jill will be at the shop all day this Saturday ( mother’s day shopping weekend) with her large orignal art but also some new fun smaller pictures- also orginals!

We love to support not only our “junking” habits but also to support our various local artists.