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Lights out for Sea Turtles this summer

Don’t forget to all our visitors on the island- from 9PM until Dawn, please be sure to turn off any lights that shine on the beach or Back River areas. We also need to be sure that if any of your indoor lights shine thru the windows overlooking beach areas, you pull down your shades. Our nesting Sea Turtles need quiet dark beaches to nest and lay their eggs this summer and with the beaches being so full and crowded this summer, we need to give them all the help we can.

Artificial light discourages females from nesting and baby sea turtles who have just hatched ( hatchlings) will instinctively move toward the brightest light- which should be moon light and the ocean UNLESS the homes along the beach are lit up.



So… from May 1st till October 31st – our nesting season- help out these amazing creatures.



These are two light switch plates we carry at Sea Side Sisters – hand crafted by one of our favorite local artists- Pam Martin. Pam makes all types including shrimp, crabs, mermaids and even black labs. These two are all we have in the shop right now, but we can always order more if anyone is interested!

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