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Top Ten Healthiest Beaches in the USA!

Tybee Island has been named one of the top 10 Healthiest Beaches in the Country by Health Magazine! This is based on how clean the beaches is, the water quality, the number of healthy activies available and even the places to eat that offer healthy food!


NBC’s The Today Show just ran a story on the beaches and annouced on Friday’s show that Tybee Island, GA is the Number 1 most healthy beach in the country!! Yeah!!! Here is the link to watch the clip from the show:
Here’s how they picked the locations in their own words:


“We started with a list of the 50 most popular beach and lake towns in the country (as defined by the total number of vacation days tourists spend there) from the American Automobile Association. To arrive at our top-10 list, our judges rated places in five categories: quality and cleanliness of air, water, and, sand; range of fitness opportunities; healthfulness of local restaurants; safety measures, including the presence of lifeguards, how close the town is to a major trauma center should an emergency come up, and the crime rate; and affordability of accommodations (based on the average rates in July, provided by Smith Travel Research).”
Here’s the entire article to read !


Thank you Health Magazine and The Today Show for helping spread the word about what a great place Tybee is to visit and live.

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