Our Pre Theatre Party

Our team of Mer People ( the mermaids and mermen of Mermaid Cottages who worked so hard and long all summer) gathered together Friday Night for Pre Theatre cocktails and munchies party at Mermaid Manor. ( good thing my “m” key on my computer hasn’t worn out from that last sentence! ) We wanted to support our friends and neighbors who all were appearing in the production of The Treasure of Lefty the Pirate… the legend of the Tybee Bomb which was shown at the Tybee Gym- or theatre as it is this weekend. We enjoyed time together with each other and had a toast or two to the very successful summer season with happy guests, homeowners and prospects for next year looking excellent! ( thank you Miley for delaying the premiere of the movie till next spring!)
I made a new cake- Praline Apple cake with fresh apples I’d brought back from the orchards of North Carolina- the cake was very yummy and the praline topping only made it better!
Hopefully all of you will be able to see the last two shows today- Matinee at 3PM and the final show @ 7:30PM Buy your tickets on line at http://www.tybeeposttheatre.org/
thanks again to the best team on the island for all your hard work! BTW- we’ll next be gathering as a group for the Pirate Fest Parade next Saturday and everyone is invited to join us in our parade group!