The Ruby Slippers have nothing on the Mermaid Pirate Shoes

I have never been one for dressing up in costumes. My daughter LOVES to dress up ( her entire group of friends from college love to dress up for that matter- they have entire theme parties). Halloween was never a big deal for me and costume theme parties at Marriott events- nope- never got into them.

But there is something about Pirate Fest and living on Tybee that seem to go hand in hand. This is the 5th Year of the event and I saw it two years when Mary Kay Andrews, NY Times Best Selling Author and her friends stopped by the cottage on their way out to the festival fully dressed as pirate. They were having so much fun and adult beverages were not even part of creating that fun for them!! Then last year spending time with them as well as the owners of Sea Glass Cottage where everyone came dressed up- well I finally got it. Unlike Beach Bum Parade where you just get all wet- this is a full blown theme and very easy to create a pirate look and best of all, just have fun.

So- again following the lead of Mary Kay Andrews, I met with the local seamstress on Tybee to create my own pirate look. I decided against the traditional pirate colors of black and red and went with my own favorite colors of seafoam green and shimmery blues. I realized, I was creating a mermaid version of a pirate costume. So we took it a step further and decided to create a pirate mermaid outfit! A pirate in the front but with a mermaid tail trailing behind! Pictures will follow…

And the creativity continues- an old pair of shoes bound for the Goodwill are now being created to become mermaid pirate shoes. Who knew that Walmart carried green and blue glitter glue. I also found that Walmart carries green sparkly eye makeup to include mascara, eye liner and eye shadow! One of my team reminded me to be sure not to mix them up since they all were in the same Walmart bag!!

The fest kicked off last night with the Bucaneer Ball crowing two good friends- Amy Gaster with Tybee Vacation Rentals and Cullen Chambers Executive Director of the Tybee Historical Society are our Pirate King and Queen. The pirates land on our Tybee beach tonight to take over the city and we’ll be there as pirates!