Hallie’s Savannah Adventures as the Roving Blogger continue….

Our roving Blogger had not one, two or three but FOUR Celebrities sightings this week! You’ve already seen her picture of Robert Redford and Paula Deen, but here- in her own words – are her adventures of seeing one of our most fav celebrities- Ruby as well as all the details about the Deen Family Book Signing.
















“Diane,Look who I just happened to see while driving down Abercorn on my way to meet Susan Kelleher for our Lunch Crunch ab workout. I literally pulled to the side of the road in a no parking zone and grabbed the camera. Her production person explained they were literally starting to film but she grabbed my camera and offered to take a photo of the two of us. Ruby gave me a big hug — she is truly a Southern doll. I know she was down a little over 100 lbs last time I was able to catch the show. Unfortunately the film crew was ready to film so I had no time to talk to her or tell her how disappointed we were that the show is no longer being shown here in Savannah. She saw me from a distance, acknowledged me and honestly just gave me a big hug when I approached her. She is truly a stunning lady”


Here is Hallie’s recap afternoon at the Paula Deen book signing this week @ Uncle Bubba’s:
“Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Queen of Southern Cooking, our very own Paula Deen. At a book signing held at Uncle Bubbas the whole family gathered to meet and greet over 500 fans. And when I say the whole family, I mean Paula, Michael, Uncle Bubba, Jamie, Bobby and Bobby’s girlfriend. Yes, you read it correctly…Bobby has a girlfriend. Rumor has it he is dating actress Katy Mixon (she played Susan, pregnant wife of Jon Favreau in the movie Four Christmases). It’s been a busy year for the Deen family with numerous TV appearances and book signings. The boys recently came out with their third cookbook, The Deen Brothers. Take It Easy, which is fantastic, lots of great and simple recipes (be sure to pick one up at Seaside Sisters). At the same time, Paula has been traveling around promoting her Cookbook for the Lunch Box Set with numerous appearances on The Today Show and Good Morning America. And starting in November, Capt. Michael Groover will be touring around with his lovely wife promoting his new book, My Delicious Life with Paula Deen. Although the boys had to leave prior to my turn, the highlight of my day was Paula laughing hysterically while signing the group photo from my Deen Family Dinner (minus the Deen’s) Dinner Party. After informing her of the concept and highlighting our amazing menu of food items I assured her that she would receive a formal invitation….next time. “



If you’d like to read Ruby’s Blog visit http://www.mystyle.com/ and then search Ruby’s Blog.