Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

November 2009

Sunday on Tybee

Most of our guests are leaving today after enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at the beach. The weather cooperated, the stores all offered great deals on Black Friday Shopping and we even had a bonfire set up @ Doyle Landscapping ( which btw has all the live trees, garlands and wreaths that you can want. No need to cross the bridge!)

We’re in the process of decorating our cottages for the holidays so that anyone coming to visit will have a warm and welcoming cottage. Did you know that many of our homes have fireplaces? Very cool plug in electric ones that look like an old fashioned wood burning stove.


Fish Camp wins the award so far for being the best decorated and most festive cottage for the holidays. Margo and Betsy and one of their Chicago friends came down to decorate like crazy and were most successful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6MO84CcyX8
We’ll be decorating Dutton Waller, Lemon Drop and Mermaid Manor on Monday and will hopefully be just as festive!
Our Better Home Town Initiative also decorated much of Tybee over the weekend- you can see all the great things happening on the island all month by visiting http://www.tybeefortheholidays.com/
We’ll be adding more garland and pine and ribbons and bows to the entire island, so if you haven’t made plans to come down and see our holiday island, please do so! The above picture shows how with just a little bit of greenery you can completely perk up a home for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’m enjoying a role reversal today as the guest vs the vacation rental manager as I’m with a group of friends here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Renting a home from Doug Brindley and the Brindley Vacation Rental Company www.brindleybeach.com here in Corolla, NC where the wild horses run on the beaches.

We’re cookin‘ up a storm and eating like kings and queens. So far some of the yummy food has included Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tres Leches Cake ( recipes.com then search tres leches cake- I promise you, you’ll want to try this cake!) and Creme Brulee French Toast ( epicurious.com and search creme brulee french toast). And this doesn’t even include the main meal today of turkey which btw– we are brining using a recipe from Martha Stewart ( www.marthastewart.com and search brine a turkey)
The centerpiece today is so wonderful- one of our friends , Pam who is a school teacher- brought her homemade turkey head that you attach to a pineapple. I don’t know if any of the rest of you grew up with the same decor, but our family sure did! In fact, I know my sister is using hers today on her pineapple for the table centerpiece.
The other picture is NOT our table but a beautiful example of what can be done so simply with some cut branches and clear glass vases.
I have very much to be thankful for this year and wish all of you a wonderful day. And a very big thank you for allowing me to have a business where I can be so happy and and do exactly what I was born to do. Welcoming guests to my island paradise!

UGA VII dies…

This is so sad! Just last week I shared about meeting Sonny ( owner of UGA the Georgia bulldog) while watching the space shuttle. Then…. on Thursday of last week, poor UGA dies of a heart attack at only the age of 4. We know how many of you are fans of Georgia and we send our condolences… also will keep all on the update on the new puppy.

The Last Song movie poster

Hot off the Facebook fan site- The Last Song’s official movie poster and marketing piece. Yes, I’m afraid you all will be sick of me going on and on about this, but I just can’t believe how beautiful Tybee looks in this movie! I was down at the very south end of the island this afternoon looking at low tide, the moon pools and how glorious the beach is in the fall. The Adams Cottage which had a starring role in the movie is all quiet again and you’d never know it was the movie star it was all summer. The view is still the same, overlooking the beach, sea oats and of course the ocean. Isn’t this poster great?

Finally- the real thing ( not the bootleg copy) The Last Song Trailer!!!

I thought Hallie was my only in the field Blog correspondent but Michael is running a close 2nd! Hot off the YouTube website ( thank you Mr. B) is THE MOVIE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because our movie friends have left the island and even though we love Robert Redford he just doesn’t seem to hang around Tybee as much as Miley did, the movie is still moving forward with the process of becoming a blockbuster film. They are busy back in Hollywood crafting all those days of shooting into a movie that will make you cry.

Watch the trailer and like those fans of the Twighlight Saga are doing ( which btw– I love the books and will also be in line to watch New Moon ) be prepared to line up next spring to see our movie!


To my shuttle friends who watched on Monday and those who couldn’t make it- you can follow NASA and learn all about the shuttle launches on their twitter, or you can check www.nasa.gov and they list the times and days. I will also tweet about the next launch as well. Remember– the shuttle is no longer going to be used starting sometime next year for space travel, so enjoy the launches while we can!