Twitter- another fun way to keep in touch!

Hopefully everyone has discovered Twitter- as much fun as blogging, but much faster and quicker. ( perfect for those of us with ADD- which I believe is 99% of the adult world any more!)

I’ve been “tweeting” for over a year now, but am just now finding new inspired ways to change and improve the Twitter site. I really had fun this summer with Twitter when Miley was here on Tybee and staying very close to my personal cottage. ( I know most of my Tybee friends know exactly where she was staying). Miley was a passionate twitter and would twitter constantly. The fun part was tracking her tweets when she was sitting on her porch just a block away from me while I was tweeting myself. Of course she wasn’t following me and I was just of one of her 2 million plus followers, but it was still fun. Now she’s made national news ( seriously- I found out about this on NPR Marketplace- she no longer tweets because she wanted to keep her life a bit more private- but yet did a video entitled “Good Bye Twitter”).

So Miley is gone from Twitter, but the Middle Aged world of which I belong loves it and has great fun with it. If you don’t believe me, follow her dad- Billy Ray. He is more caught up in twitter more then his daughter ever thought about being!

I love it because I can update my many friends and guests on Tybee and what’s going on down here and for those of you not able to be here full time, you can have your little taste of Tybee on Twitter.

I just learned how to change up my Twitter design. Good old Martha Stewart who like Billy Ray adores sharing, has a great background design of her little boston terrier. Sure enough, I figured out how to do so and now my twitter is personalized like Martha! The picture I selected right now is from one of my fav local Tybee artist’s- photographer and musician Richard Leo Johnson. Richard takes glorious pictures and has shot several of our cottages ( when he’s not busy working for Savannah Magazine, Coastal Living Magazine- the list goes on and on.) You can learn more about him by visiting his website and you’ll wonder like me how one person can be so incredibly talented!!!!

PS- I’ve also just found that people are posting questions on twitter that I didn’t know about or how to respond! Just send back some answers to “Barbara” who had some questions for me. sorry!!! I’ll be better about responding now that I figured how to do so!