Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Finally- the real thing ( not the bootleg copy) The Last Song Trailer!!!

I thought Hallie was my only in the field Blog correspondent but Michael is running a close 2nd! Hot off the YouTube website ( thank you Mr. B) is THE MOVIE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because our movie friends have left the island and even though we love Robert Redford he just doesn’t seem to hang around Tybee as much as Miley did, the movie is still moving forward with the process of becoming a blockbuster film. They are busy back in Hollywood crafting all those days of shooting into a movie that will make you cry.

Watch the trailer and like those fans of the Twighlight Saga are doing ( which btw– I love the books and will also be in line to watch New Moon ) be prepared to line up next spring to see our movie!


To my shuttle friends who watched on Monday and those who couldn’t make it- you can follow NASA and learn all about the shuttle launches on their twitter, or you can check www.nasa.gov and they list the times and days. I will also tweet about the next launch as well. Remember– the shuttle is no longer going to be used starting sometime next year for space travel, so enjoy the launches while we can!


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