Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

My kayaking launching pad




Last night on the way back to my cottage, I drove down my favorite street on Tybee– Venetian. We have three cottages there- Doodlebug, Tybee Tides and Sunset Cove – each one more unique then the next, but each has one thing in common- the amazing sunsets over the Horse Pen Creek Salt Marsh leading out to the Back River.
With daylight savings time, I still get caught off guard with how early dark arrives and I keep forgetting that sunset is so early. While driving, I literally stopped in the street when I made the turn where 12th Street becomes Venetian. The sky was so incredible with the streaks of reds and gold and the clouds reflecting the colors. The marsh and water shimmered and glowed.
I walked down to “my” kayak launching pad scene of so many terrific kayaking trips with Suzanne and other assorted friends. I’d take these pictures this summer so I could remember how warm the air and water is during the summer.
I’m always amazing at how we have 4 seasons here on the island. Not dramatic temperature shifts like up North or in the Midwest, but still cold enough for jackets, jeans and sweaters . This is the dock and dock house where I went out last night to watch the sunset. I’ll take my camera next time to record the beauty! Enjoy!


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