Being a lady of leisure- I could learn to love this lifestyle!

I’ve said this several times, during my quieter season in the fall and winter I jump in my car and hit the road. Always come back with some new and unique ideas. There is something to be said for a new environment,new space and different people to give you inspirations and get the creative juices following. The dog biscuit idea is definitely going to happen, so stay tuned for the updates on that- and that idea was a direct result of the trip to Mystic and The Black Dog Store.

I’m still on my road trip to Florida but now have left South Beach to head up the coast to visit my friend Pat and her Bed and Breakfast. Pat was a client of mine for years with Marriott, she was one of the most creative and professional meeting planners I ever dealt with. She and her husband who himself ran luxury hotels all over the world, have left their corporate careers to open their own B&B. The Kenwood Inn is an old hotel that is now a B&B and right in the heart of St Augustine, FL. Couldn’t be a better location to see and do everything. Right now I’m sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair on my friend’s Netbook ( another GREAT Idea!) listening to the sound of the rain! More pictures and details to come on this place and a must do for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a new destination. And let the creative juices flow!