The Christmas Day menu


The meal plated up.

Danny waiting beneath the dinner table for a scrap or two to fall in his general direction!

The pumpkin / pear pie

The potatoes with goat cheese.

I don’t intend to sound food obsessed, but after all it is the holidays! And I saw a great blog post about having Springform pan pants ( meaning for you non cooks that your pants can expand!) but that’s the type of Christmas day we had! Katie truly outdid herself and had lots of fun doing so. She created from scratch the pumpkin pie with pears nestled in a homemade gingersnap crust with a few pieces of crystallized ginger. The dinner itself was seared sea scallops- fresh and wild- not frozen and farm raised, roasted root vegetables– beets and carrots, sliced redskin potatoes with goat cheese ( she brought from Brevard– one of her colleagues makes the cheese) and maple bacon, her home made applesauce.


I also realized I don’t have a career as a food stylist or food photographer. I love to take pictures but either I’m too much in a hurry to eat what’s been prepared or I need to take a picture of a plate and really take my time with the photo. Either way, the food was delicious, the pictures of the food, not so good! Enjoy!