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December 14, 2009

Our Award Winning Christmas Decorations!

We are delighted to have been awarded by Tybee Beautification Association for “Best Use of Multiple Listings”. Here are pictures of Lemon Drop Cottage, Dutton Waller Cottage and Mermaid Manor. We’ve already shared some pictures of Fish Camp Cottage and how bright and cheerful that cottage is! We’ll be sharing and posting pictures of the holiday decorations from Y’all Come Inn later this week. Thank you Shannon, Jan and Jill for your hard work on making these cottages look so bright and cheerful.

By popoular demand- some more yummy food!

It must be the butter. It must be the Duke’s Mayo . ( The secret of Southern cooks! It must be the holidays. It must be the fact that we all love Paula Queen. I keep getting emails from all of you asking for more details on the food we served last week @ the Paula Queen party….. so here are a few more pictures to share of the food we served!
These are the “mater sandwiches” which are basically tomato sandwiches with Duke’s on white bread, and my Carmel Apple Cake but disguised this time with cream cheese frosting vs the traditional praline apple topping. Enjoy and it’s ok to be a little hungry!