More on The Kenwood Inn, St Augustine

I’m really having a great visit here in St. Augustine. A very cool community, lots of history, lots of great shops and restaurants, the beach towns is close by, quite a bit like Savannah and Tybee. We just got back from a delicious dinner at one of the local haunts and came back to the Inn to find the Ghost Tour Hearse sitting in front of the Inn. Turned out it had broken down and the two ghost hunter/tour guides were sitting in our front porch waiting for the Triple A towing. Of course we invited them in and of course we made them tell us all the ghost stories about the Inn. The Kenwood Inn is actually the oldest Inn/ B&B in St Augustine. Be sure you read all about it on the website and of course come visit. Turns out it’s haunted. And turns out my bedroom is one of the haunted bedrooms. I’ve stayed in a haunted castle in Scotland in my Marriott days of travel. I actually felt my guest room was haunted and had a very hard time sleeping while there. I didn’t want to hear the story about my bedroom here, but I did tell the ghost hunters about my little experience last night that might have been a ghostly encounter. Be sure to check out their websites and learn more about the ghosts of St Augustine!