Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Sushi- LA Style!

Crazy high heels that everyone seems to wear out here!

Me smiling because I’m loving this sushi place!

Reginald the manager of Katsuya happily posing with me for a pic. Everyone is a star in LA.

Yummy, yummy, yummy sushi! Cindy took me to sushi to the stars Katsuya in Brentwood http://www.sbe.com/ I am a huge fan of sushi, but I’ve never had sushi like this. Almond crusted scallops, quick fried sticky rice with spicy tuna, rice paper wrapped snow crab with some sort of sauce that I can’t even discribe- amazing!
The show of people was equally as entertaining, all ages of people, each dressed up more LA chic then the next including all these pregnant women. Yes, all dressed in black with skinny jeans and those crazy high heels! Such fun to watch.
Reginald, the restaurant manager came over to say hello ( and pose for pictures- everyone in LA loves to pose for a picture , no problem being a tourist here! I could have taken as many pictures as I wanted to and any one I asked and they were happy to smile for the camera!) Reginald was also kind enough to send over a sample of sushi for us to try- Good will as he called it.
A great place to go any time, but here’s the trade secret wispered to us by one of the hostesses- Monday is the night to come by and eat and shssss- see the stars! She said some Monday’s every where you look in the restaruant is some one you know from movies, tv or the music world.

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