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Meyer Lemon Pie

How delicious does this pie look! And notice the beautiful flowers!

Jan is one of our very talented mermaids. Not only is she a great housekeeper, but she takes her work very personal and treats the cottages like they were her own beach cottage. She’s also a super cook and chef! She’d emailed me this story about the Lemon’s from Tybee and I received her permission to post the story and recipe. If you’re lucky enough to stay @ Mermories on the Beach, then you’ll have these fabulous lemons right outside your front door of the cottage!

“Tybee Island is known for many wonderful things – our beautiful beaches, cottages and community among many other joys. This year I came to know another bounty of our island – incredible fruit! I am originally from the suburburbs of Atlanta and I know that the only fresh fruit I had ever picked was scopenongs from my backyard – however this year on Tybee I have once again fallen in love with a Meyer. No, not my husband Bobby Meyer – but a lemon named Meyer. I had heard about Meyer lemons, even had a taste from my neighbor (ok – she gave me two slices) – however not until this season did I realize the flavor of these lemons and other citrus grown in Tybee yards! “Memories” one of Mermaid’s recent additions is just down the street from my house. I have never seen as many lemons on a tree – big and beautiful lemons – Meyer lemons are actually a hybrid of a lemon/orange – and the juiciest lemons I have ever tasted, I have never been “excited” about a lemon before – but when you juice one of these – ya get over a half a cup of lemon juice! I’m a good cook – never been known as a baker and I want to share this recipe for a Meyer Lemon Creme Pie – straght from Paula Deen.’

Graham Cracker Crust
1 1/2 cups graham crackers, 1 stick butter(melted). 1/3 cup sugar
Mix finely ground crackers w/ sugar and melted butter – press into pie plate to make crust (be sure to not make to thick around the sides)

Lemon filling:
1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, 1/2 cup fresh Meyer Lemon Juice(or fresh lemons – never that outta a bottle) 3 egg Yolks – blend well with mixer

Meringue topping
3 egg whites 1/4 tsp cream of tarter (blend this w/ mixer till fluffy) then add in 1/4 cup sugar and blend until fluffy

Place Meringue topping and use spoon to make pretty flips in meringue!

Bake 350 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes – till meringue is slightly brown.

This is best when chilled and set – but my Meyer could not wait and it was still tasty a lil warm!

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