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Be Kind……The Ben’s Bells Project

The 1st stop as we cross the country on the way to Georgia is Tucson, AZ to see my nephew Ryan who is a freshman @ University of Arizona. In addition to spending time with him and give him a hug and telling him how much we love him and cherish him, we also had the chance to go to Ben’s Bells and voluteer some of our time.

This is the most amazing organization and I have really been impacted by their mission. Ben’s Bells started when Jeannette and Dean Packard lost their son Ben just before his 3rd birthday.

They experienced so many acts of kindness by strangers and friends that they created Ben’s Bells which is a community art project to demonstrate and encourage kindness.

Each bell is made by hand – they are really like windchimes and include clay beads and metals tinkling bells. The clay components are kiln fired and then the Bells are assembled.

100’s and 100’s of these bells are made every year. Volunteers can just walk into the Ben’s Bells studio and help cutting out the clay components, painting and assembling the bells. Then twice a year, the assembled bells are hung randomly throughout the Tucson community and beyond for people to find and take home so they can then pass them on to someone as an act of kindness.

As the Ben’s Bells project says, “The Ben’s Bells Project empowers each of us in creating community, inspiring hope, and spreading joy – simply by being kind.”

We had a wonderful time volunteering at such a wonderful organization and spending time being part of a “community”.

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