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Oprah is in her last season- The Final Season as they say constantly on the show.  I am so excited because somehow Oprah appears on my TV on this strange channel 3HD2.  I literally have no idea where this channel came from, but I have a 3HD1 and 3 HD2.   The 1 is NBC in high definition ( I adore how bright, shiny and clear this channel is) and the 2 has Oprah appearing like magic every night at 10PM!!!   Today is Jon Stewart and Liza!  This is such a nightly treat!!!!

Fall arrives tomorrow.  Tonight the moon is almost full and while the big red sun was setting over the marsh tonight, the moon was rising over the ocean.  Every time I see this happen, I feel like I’m reading a chapter from the Prince of Tides.   Ah, Pat Conroy is still one of my favorite writers.

Layla and Kevin Palmer are returning to Tybee this weekend to work on the Mess Hall for the new owners. I can’t wait to see the magic they create! www.theletteredcottage.net is still a daily treat.

My realtor friend Brenda keeps sending me real estate info on Key West.  The prices continue to drop….  Maybe my next fixer upper is meant to be in Key West.  The beauty of being a middle aged mermaid means I literally could go and live anywhere and continue to re create my life!

Back to Oprah- again-who knew about this miracle TV channel!!!

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