Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The dogs of Key West, Florida

I’m spending a magical month in Key West- an island I truly love.  I adore Tybee Island, Georgia, but there is something about being at this end of the road ( literally!) island that just speaks to my soul.  I think it’s the combination of amazing cottages, unique and  interesting people from all over the world who have landed here, world class restaurants ( some fancy, some shacks) and the weather. Even though we’re going thru a cold spell, it just doesn’t matter.

The dogs and I literally take walks all day long.  I love finding interesting things to take pictures of with my cell phone camera.   I keep finding dog “stuff” including dog statues.  Here are two that took my breath away.  Just down the street from my cottage, I think they are too big labs.  The owner thinks they are great danes, but I think they are labs.  Big, glorious labs guarding their humans and home.  And best of all, all decorated for the holidays!  This whole home is beautiful and all lit up, but the dogs are the best part.

Enjoy! I know I do on a daily basis!

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