Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

March 27, 2011

What Makes A Great Beauty Memorable?

One of our magnificent mermaid manors is getting re-branded.  She’s getting, fluffed, styled, coiffed, beautified and her debut is coming soon.

We asked various arbiters of good taste, “What makes a great beauty memorable?”

How can we make an already remarkable home be even more inviting?

One of the style icons we queried was our own Mermaid Mascot, Danny.

  You see, when it comes to admiring something beautiful or enjoying something sinfully delicious,

Danny’s our Go-To guy.  So, we asked him.  “Danny.  What’s one feature that makes a great beauty truly memorable?”

In true Danny style he just plopped down, let out a “I’m in heaven” yawn and wafted off into doggy dreamland on these beautiful hardwood floors.

What makes a great beauty memorable?  Our cottage re-do will soon debut her new hardwoods.  There’s a clue to her identity hidden in this blog.  Be sure to read our weekend blogs for Mermaid Cottages and Beach Bum Biscuits, our FACEBOOK pages and our TWEETS for more clues to her identity.  Then, be thinking about what we should re-name her.  Your winning recommendation could score you our Mermaid Magnificent Must-haves! 

1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized:MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL

Each cottage in the Mermaid Cottages Collection has a soul of its own.  Spend just a little time in one and you’ll see.  Each one has a song it sings.  Just listen.

Recently, one of our Grand Dames spoke to us.  “Make Me Beautiful.”

We don’t have a Dr.Troy or Dr. McNamara on staff, but we do have access to skilled crafts people, fluffers and stylists, artistic types with a great eye for staging and artisans who love our vintage cottages.

The great reveal is coming.  A little nip here.  A little tuck there.  But, what will her name be?  Which one of our magnificent manors is getting the re-do?  A clue is located somewhere in this blog and if you’re following our blogs, our FACEBOOK pages and our TWEETS the mystery is yours to solve.  Then, you’ll have the chance to win Mermaid Marvelous Must-Haves!

Don’t guess just yet.  More clues are coming.  Don’t send us your name until you’re sure you’ve captured the essence of what this unique nautical masterpiece represents.  We’re on Tybee Time.  We’ve discovered the art of slowing down.