Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

April 2011

1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized: TURTLE TROT!

Mermaid Cottages loves our sea turtles! Our own coffee – Mermaid Morning Bliss, which is available in all our homes and for sale at Sea Side Sisters – was created to support the Sea Turtle Project in Georgia. All profits go towards these projects. Tybee Island Sea Turtle ProjectWe are avid supporters other ways, such as through the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and the annual Tybee Turtle Trot 5K, held each spring to kick off Sea Turtle Season and proudly attended by many mermaids and mermen.

Several Mermaids are also part of the 6AM Turtle patrol from May 1st — Sept 1st where we walk the beach looking for newly laid turtle nests. Last summer Head Mermaid Diane found 2 turtle nests during her 6AM patrol! Lights out for Sea Turtles is also very important, and we have made sure our two beachfront cottages – Doyles on the Beach and Crabby Jo’s – have sea turtle-friendly lights and that our guests know what to do to for the homes to be sea turtle-friendly. For more info on Georgia sea turtles visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and The Georgia Sea Turtle Center.


Come on down to the Marine Science Center and celebrate as we release not 1, but 4 rescued sea turtles!


Cottage Cheese: JACKED UP TO JESUS

Those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while may recall my many challenges with proper church etiquette when I was a boy.  For those tuning in for the first time let me just say that my middle name is not Damien and I don’t have 666 on the back of my head.  I was just a little boy with ants in my pants and I was too little to be held responsible for all the hellfire and brimstone the preacher was a hollering about in the pulpit.  Needless to say I got pinched a lot for moving around too much during the service.  The fact is, the electric cattle prod or the taser may never have been invented if my mother had only pattented her ability to pinch the tar out of me.  It would stop you dead in your tracks!

But, what you don’t know is there is a very good reason why I would be moving around so much while everyone else was getting told off about how bad a sinner they had been all week.  Growing up in a rural, farming community there wasn’t much else to do other than one’s chores during the week, but come Sunday you’d better put on the spit shine because that’s when folks would check you out.  Oh yeah, there’s the whole hallelujah, praise the Lord stuff going on, but the church was the social hub of our community.

Now, my grandmother held court on her pew every service and we were dutifully expected to fall in behind her in the the next pew.  Undoubtedly, several of the other good sisters would file in and fill up the pews in front and to the side of us.

Here’s where the trouble starts.  You see, most country folks work hard all during the week and if you happened to just drop by you’d catch them in their house clothes.  Most of the women would have their heads tied up in a scarf or rag or something or other on a weekday, but come Saturday most of them had a standing hair appointment.  That is most of them except my grandmother and mother.  My grandmother had declared that regular folks had no business putting on airs, so she and my mother would dutifully wash and roll their own hair themselves.  I can hear my grandmother like it was yesterday, “Yep, those good sisters are up in that beauty parlor getting their hair jacked up to Jesus just like that’s gonna get ’em into heaven a tad sooner.  Regular folks ain’t got no business puttin’ on airs.”  Now this comes from a lady that only kept enough money in the bank to handle her business.  The rest of it was stacked like bricks and wrapped in tin foil and stored in the freezer.  Heaven help for a neighbor to think she had more than enough money!

Now, what do you think a little boy is supposed to do when all these good sisters waved and nodded as they sashayed down the aisle and plopped down in the pews around us.  After all, that hair was jacked up to Jesus and on special holidays they added a hat.  I guess they thought there might be a photo finish crossing into heaven and between the hair and the hat they might get to call dibs on a good seat.  Since I couldn’t see for all the hair don’ts I had to make due with what resources I had left and that usually meant I was gonna get pinched somewhere in the mix!

Would there ever be a time when being  jacked up to Jesus would be a good thing?  You bet!  We asked for your help to re-name one of our cottages recently and then we shared a collage of some of the remodeling that had been done.  It’s so beautiful I wanted you to take a video tour with me today.  Here’s the newly renamed Tucked Inn At Tybee and she’s jacked up to Jesus!  She’s a beautiful sight and one you won’t mind looking at either!


It’s about singing praises and acknowledging beauty when you see it!  It’s COTTAGE CHEESE!



BBB Dog Tales: Help The Smallest Tornado Victims

Many people across several states were affected by the tornadoes that tore through the south yesterday.  Everyone needs help, especially the smallest victims…pets left injured and/or abandoned by the destruction.  Here’s how you can help:

* Donate pet food for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens

* Donate pet beds, kennels

* Donate towels, blankets

* Donate newspapers

* Donate toys, treats

* Volunteer to give pet baths, grooming assistance, dog walks

* Volunteer to foster an abandoned pet

* Be a friend to a person or pet in need

Many lost or abandoned pets could end up in a shelter near you, so donate your goods and time if you can.  If not, please make a donation to your local animal shelter or rescue group.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



Mermaids in Our Midst: Our Treasured Guests

We can never say enough just how much we love our guests here at Mermaid Cottages! Each and every one of you are a treasure we never take for granted. I mean, if it wasn’t for y’all, where would be? So, when we are lucky enough to receive notes, comments, emails, and reviews about a fabulous stay, we enjoy spreading the joy! We consider each of you- past, present or future guests- part of our extended Mermaid family, and that is why we like to feature our guests each week here on the Mermaids in Our Midst posts.

If you have stayed with us, be it recently or not-so-recently, we love hearing from you! You can always email your thoughts, stories, and pictures to diane@mermaidcottages.com, or you can join us on Facebook! Come share your pictures and stories on our Mermaid Cottages Facebook page...we even have a Review link under our profile picture where you can share your experience with us and the rest of the Mermaid family. A few of our cottages even have their very own Facebook pages, where you can share pictures, thoughts, and even follow what’s happening here on Tybee. Here’s a list of those pages. Even if you haven’t stayed in a certain cottage (yet!) you can always take a virtual visit before planning a trip of your own!

Breeze Inn Cottage

Fish Camp Cottage

Screened Inn Cottage

Enlisted Mens’ Mess Hall Cottage

Dutton-Waller Cottage

Paula Deen’s Y’all Come Inn Cottage

Paws and Paddles Cottage

You, our treasured guests, mean the world to us and no matter how many times we say thank you, it will ever feel like enough! We hope this weekly feature helps with that a little. It’s just one way for us to tell you that every one of you are Mermaids in our Midst and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Live Like a Local: 7th Annual Tybee Turtle Trot

This Saturday, April 30th, is the 7th Annual Tybee Turtle Trot! The Tybee community looks forward to this 5K beach run every year! This amazing race is an annual event to raise funds for the Tybee Sea Turtle Project and is the kick off to Coastal Georgia’s sea turtle nesting season.

Georgia’s sea turtle season runs from May through October, and we do our best here on Tybee to make sure our sea turtles have the best nesting season ever! Sea Turtle Project Volunteers participate in daily dawn patrols to check for nests laid during the night. When a nest is found, the site is evaluated and any nests below the high tide line are carefully relocated. The nests are protected my marking them off, and daily monitoring. Its truly an amazing sight to discover a nest, and even more exciting to see the nest reach it’s boil, when the newly hatched sea turtles emerge from the nest and strike out toward the ocean!

photo by Amy Gray Capello, from the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page

It is so important to do everything we can to help sea turtles have their best chance at life! That’s just one reason we are avid supporters of the Tybee Turtle Trot! Help us help the sea turtles and join us this Saturday at the race! You can register online or even download a form on the race site. It is a $25 registration fee, or just $20 for members of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Sign in starts at 7:30 a.m.and the race begins at 8:30 a.m. Just come and watch if running isn’t your thing, because there will also be a sea turtle release by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center around 10 a.m. all right in front of the Marine Science Center! We hope to see you there. Join us and get your trot on!