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March 13, 2011

Irish Heritage Celebration:MANX

Here, Kitty-Kitty…

The MANX or tail-less cat may seem like a mystery, but it’s really just another type of cat…just one without a tail.  Due to a naturally occurring mutation of the spine some Manx are born with short, stubby tails  while some have no tail at all.

One legend has it that a cat was playing near the door of the ark and Noah caught its tail in the door as it shut.  Another legend refers to Manx as cabbits as if they’re a cross between a cat and  a rabbit.  That would explain their extra long back legs and stubby tails!

These are usually earth heavy cats, so think of them as more like a dog.  They’re very affectionate and dedicated to their human family.  While they don’t really like to be picked up they will hop in your lap and cuddle and follow you around just to be near you.

Take a look at Manx in action in this great You Tube video by Janson Media:

Ideal Companion: MANX

Be sure to share photos of your pet enjoying Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island and you could be featured on our Beach Bum Biscuits Blog!


What’s the tallest dog breed? 

The Irish Wolfhound!

This largest and tallest galloping hound combines power and swiftness with keen eyesight.  Easy-going and quiet, these dogs create a very strong bond with their human families.  Though not normally aggressive around other domestic dogs, they are natural hunters and may course another dog.   This is not a fighting or territorial behavior.

They are very affectionate to children and seem to know they need to be gentle, despite their great size.  They also seem to be able to sense ill will or danger towards their human family which makes them excellent guardians, but not necessarily good guard dogs.

Tale a look at this wonderful Animal Discovery Channel video and you’ll see how magnificent these dogs really are!

We’re celebrating Irish Heritage this week, but we celebrate our pet friends every day!  Be sure to share your photos of your pets enjoying Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages!