All the time I hear people say, “I’m coming out from behind the mask” or “I’m lifting the veil and letting it all hang out” and “I’m out in the open without a mask”.

Not me.  I’d rather wear a mask every day.  For some of us, meaning mainly MOI, its gets tough to hide our emotions or put on a brave face or remain stoic amidst adversity or when people shock us.  Such is life.

I’ve lead training, made speeches, championed causes and performed all of my life.  I’ve also worked undercover, conducted investigations, dealt with crime and corruption and all the deadly sins at one time or another.  And, lived to tell about it.

But, you gotta admit.  There’s something magical about wearing a mask.  For me, it’s just that little bit of buffer between me and the real world that helps me rise to the situation at hand.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m also prone to conjuring up various fantasies when I need to be “ON”.

The real me gets shocked easily and the older I get (I can’t say I’ve gotten all the more wiser) the harder it is for me to maintain my composure and not look shocked, scared, confused, dazed, aghast and yes, even like someone has licked all the red off my apple.  But, even when I’m perturbed it doesn’t carry much weight.  I just can’t pull off menacing or ruthless or intimidating.  I’m a perennial Buckwheat.  Invade my personal space and my locks stand on in, my eyes bug out and my mouth flies open.

So, I’m all about the masks.  Cover up most of my goofiness and I can concentrate on keeping my eyes from opening too wide and wrench my mouth closed.  A Mardi Gras mask means I can convince myself I was an Italian gigolo in a past life.  I can be part of the “in-crowd” when in costume. The noise from the  celebration also masks my shrieks when something shocks me.  I’m really under cover!

Thus, thank goodness for the folks at Tybee Fest and Mardi Gras Tybee!  Can’t we make it a year round celebration?  Fortunately, the Tybee Irish Heritage Celebration is next and maybe that will hold me over until the next Pirate Fest.  Or else, I’ll just have to become a costumed comic book character.  Either way, I’ll fit right in on Tybee Island.  Quirky works on Tybee.  It’s good, right?