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1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized: Confederate Jasmine

If it looks like jasmine, smells like jasmine, acts like jasmine it should be jasmine, right?

Just look at this beautiful Confederate Jasmine that welcomes you to our wonderful Blue Heron Cottage!

Confederate Jasmine, also known as Star Jasmine, is not a true jasmine, but it is referred to as jasmine because of its fragrant, jasmine like flowers.

New growth starts out with light green, lance-shaped leaves and soon matures to a glossy, dark green color that produces clusters of white star shaped flowers.  This usually occurs in late spring or early summer in most places, but on Tybee it’s happening right now!  Once established this fast growing evergreen vine can be trained to climb where you want it.  It’s especially beautiful on fences, pergolas, pillars and trees.  Just pinch the tips to keep it trimmed and it even makes a beautiful shrub and it is very effective as a weed choking ground cover!  Those of you that are especially talented at training greenery will find this an excellent choice for topiaries, trailing containers and hanging baskets.

It’s just one of the many extraordinary and exotic spring surprises you’ll find while strolling the gorgeous neighborhoods on Tybee!  Just grab your leash and your dog, invite family and friends and discover the wonders in our island gardens!


It’s just one of the many ways to get Tybee-ized!



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