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What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

Just like the opening line from a song in Bye, Bye Birdie , “What’s the story, morning glory” it pays tribute to those early risers that shine and open up most often at the start of the day.  The Victorian “Language of Flowers” states that the Morning Glory flower represents “love in vain”.  Imagine, the type of flowers you give to someone has unspoken meaning, but between lovers it says alot!

Morning Glory is the common name for over 1000 different species of flowering plants and they may belong to many genera.  Most morning glories curl up and close during the warmer parts of the day, but on cloudy days they sometimes stay open all the way until night.

Since our little island hamlet is usually frost free, these beautiful flowers can often be regarded as perennials.  Whatever their species or genera, perennials or annuals we just think these Morning Glory flowers are truly glorious morning, noon and night!

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