MTLC + CPR = Happy Tails

Mermaid Cottages’ famous MTLC or Mermaids Tender Loving Care gets extended to our guests and our community and to everyone we meet.  Coastal Pet Rescue or CPR saves pet lives and enriches ours every single day.  Today is the day you can help, too.  Here’s Lisa Scarbrough, the angel behind Coastal Pet Rescue and the Online Community Editor for Paula Deen, to tell you how!

If you know Paula, you know that she is a big animal lover. It was one of just the many things that made me so happy to come and work for her. Paula is a woman after my own heart, with her menagerie of birds, chickens, and dogs. If that isn’t enough, she even provided us with an office cat, Norma Jean, who sits in on some of our meetings and makes sure everyone stays in line.

For the last nine months, I have been mom to a beautiful baby boy. But for the 31 years before that, I was foster mom to hundreds of stray pets. About ten years ago, I started rescuing pets on my own, which led to me founding Coastal Pet Rescue here in Savannah on my 23rd birthday in 2003. I was ecstatic when Paula decided to adopt an orange tabby from me shortly after I joined her team.


If you can imagine, running an all-volunteer non-profit can be rather taxing, and certainly not cheap. On top of veterinary expenses and providing for food, there’s a lot of travel involved, which means money for the gas and more miles on our main “puppymobile.” That’s why we look to grants and contests to help us with funding, and right now, we have a very big opportunity.


The CPR “puppymobile” has various uses, such as rescuing a mom and her seven puppies from an animal control shelter where they would have otherwise been euthanized, collecting 127 pounds of pet fur to be stuffed in oil booms along the Gulf Coast (May 2010), and delivering supplies to an animal shelter in Rome, GA to feed animals displaced by tornadoes (April 2011).

On Sunday, May 29th, you can log on to the Toyota USA Facebook page and help Coastal Pet Rescue win a brand new Toyota SUV to help transport pets. Our current vehicle is over 11 years old and has over 187,000 miles on it. How wonderful would it be to be for us to save money on repairs and be assured that our transports will be safe for the pets and volunteers? Best of all, it doesn’t cost anymore than a couple minutes of your time.

Here’s how to vote:

1. On Sunday, May 29th (not before, not after), go to

2. Like their page.

3. Click the “100 Cars for Good” link on the left.

4. Vote for Coastal Pet Rescue by clicking the box next to “Vote.”

5. Click the checkbox to confirm your vote, then click “confirm” again.

(Only one vote per Facebook account.)

Lisa Scarbrough offers mom-on-a-dime advice for parents like her who still hold out hope that they’ll be able to afford the rising costs of college tuition (yeah, right). Course, Lisa has some time to prepare; her son, Ian, is 8-months old. Lisa lives in Guyton, GA, and when she’s not cleaning sweet potatoes off her son’s face, she serves as the Online Community Manager for Paula Deen.