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May 12, 2011

Mermaids in Our Midst: Colleen from Fresh Vintage!

We were lucky enough recently to have Colleen, fabulous author of the Fresh Vintage Blog, stay with us on Tybee! Colleen is a woman after our own heart, because one thing we love around here is vintage! Colleen, along with her sisters Erin and Heather, started Fresh Vintage in 2001 when they realized their obsession with yard sale and auction finds was taking over their spare rooms, garages, and basements. The Fresh Vintage blog is where Colleen shares their finds, and she definitely keeps it interesting! She educates her readers about her vintage goodies, and adds a lot of humor in for good measure!

We were super excited to have Colleen and her family come to Tybee, especially since she stayed at Breeze Inn Cottage…a vintage wonderland thanks to Mary Kay Andrews and her junking ways!

“We spent six nights at The Breeze Inn in Tybee Island, GA, and every day I would find something new that I hadn’t seen the previous day. I didn’t want to leave!”

The entire post is fabulous, and you can read it all over on the Fresh Vintage Blog. Colleen is a terrific writer, and we felt as if we were re-discovering all the fabulous vintage pieces as we read all she had to say about her stay! Not to mention, Colleen took some wonderful photos of her favorite vintage goodies while in the cottage.

Thanks to Colleen for sharing these fabulous pictures of her stay!

Aren’t those fabulous!? To follow Colleen along in the vintage fun yourself, head over to the Fresh Vintage Blog and visit Colleen’s website,! We can’t tell you enough, Colleen, how happy we are you came to visit! Your blog is on the top of our reading list. Don’t be a stranger to Tybee…he hope to see you again soon!


Pass The Biscuits, Please!

Did you know that every doggie guest staying in any of our pet friendly cottages finds a supply of our delicious Beach Bum Biscuits treats as our welcome gift?

Proceeds from our signature doggie treats help sponsor a puppy to be trained as a Guide Dog or a Service dog for a person with a disability.

This is just one of the ways Mermaids Give Back to our community and it’s also one of the easiest ways our guests can give back, as well.  Proceeds from the sales of Beach Bum Biscuits all go towards sponsoring our puppies, so be sure to pick some up at Seaside Sisters.  If you wonder if our Beach Bum Biscuits are good just ask any of our repeat doggie guests!








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